Carnosity Removing Fruit Slimming Capsule-New

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About product: New generation Carnosity removing fruit if selected authentic wild mountain papaya fruit citrus walnut Loquat Hawthorn Ginkgo as the main raw material, the United States to the expert group took three years of research, in the first generation on the basis of improved formulation and process to thin fruit ingredients activity increased by 10 times, quickly penetrate and break down fat cells, according to the Asian characteristics of local body fat, added from the Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) to extract the directional factor FDF and fat burning ingredient L-carnitine, targeted softening decomposition waist, hip , thigh, and excess facial fat, accelerate the CLT, powerful weight loss, slim body to achieve attractive, long-lasting glow youthful charm!    

Ingredients: papaya, hawthorn, citrus, walnuts, loquat, ginkgo, Garcinia cambogia, L-carnitine, Yuli, etc. 


1, Decomposition fat: papaya, hawthorn extract contains powerful flavonoids factor lipolysis, fat cells can penetrate inside, break down fat, remove fat cells deep deposits of fat. 
2. Blocking fat citrus, loquat extract the cellulose, and the combination of fat free body, effectively prevent exogenous fat intake and inhibit regeneration. 
3. Prevent fat accumulation ginkgo, walnut extract FTD gland mitochondria can promote the activity of enzymes break down fat, targeting decomposition waist, abdomen, arm fat accumulation. 
4. Detoxifies extract rich in vitamins and minerals to accelerate fat metabolism, while a comprehensive nutrition body, so that you reproduce the charm! 

Specification:400mg * 60 capsules


Usage:oral take, 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast, once time daily.

Attention: Not applicable for for children, pregnant women, lactating women and patients with severe disease.

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