Slimeasy Herbs Capsule

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Slimeasy Herbs Capsule-orginal, 100% Anthentic Goods


Each of outer pack of Slimeasy Herbs Capsule with Laser anti-fake proof


About product: The slimeasy capsule originates from natural vegetable ingredients based on the traditional Chinese medical theory medicine and food are of the same origin, contains bioactive substances extracted and refined from such plants with hi-tech Western formula and technology. Slimeasy herbs capsule rapid decomposition of the body fat accumulation, energy metabolism, accelerate the stubborn fat, inhibit fat absorption after a meal. If you have Slimeasy herbs capsule after one month, your waistline can reduce 3-8 cm, as well as legs thinning with 2-6 cm and the weight losing over 10kg. Healthy and effective weight loss your fat.


Ingredient: green tea, sevilleorange flower, honeysuckle, safflower, hawthorn, freen tea, lotus leaf, Dietary fiber and etc.



Speed up decomposing neutral fat;

Repress sugar absorbing;

Prevent storing up of neutral fat;

Discharge toxin and urine;

Prevent mouth's off-odor;

Regulate organic balance;

Treat those who suffer from constipation.


Usage & Dosage: Take one table each time a day in the first three days after the meal; twice a day, one table after the breakfast and supper.


Package: 200mg * 48 Capsules


Storage: Sealed and put in dry and coold place.


Valid: 24 months

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