Seido New A Slender Figure

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New generation (seido) a slender figure-fast slim capsule


About the product: New generation (seido) a slender figure is 100% quality goods, a new generation of non-toxic and the quick effect of green products to lose weight. Seido a slender figure pills is the latest dietary supplement popular beauty brand Seido in the New Zealand. Only 1 tablet each drink before the dinner and breakfast, decomposition and combustion, excess fat in the body achieve rapid weight loss.


Ingredients: Fruit Extract Ganboji, malic acid, aloe extract, return, ginger extract, lysine , amino acids, barley extract, soy extract, broccoli – extract, under Kayo, Baraekisu cortex extract, crustaceans, update rose extract, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C.


Function & Features:


1, Increase in fat consumption: contain of available light fat can be activated quickly HCA composition adrenaline increase fat consumption, decomposition burn a lot of extra fat;


2, Seido a slender figure pills of microcrystalline cellulose make stomach has full abdomen feeling, make human body to reduce fat intake, thus reducing the excess intake of fat and cause adipose accumulation phenomenon, speed up adipose decompose;


3, Seido a slender figure pills apple in the acid can promote mitochondria adipose decompose the activity of the enzyme, rapid decomposition waist, abdomen, hip adipose accumulation, reduce the waist circumference, control energy conversion.


Usage: Take twice a day, whether you drink one tablet 15 minutes before breakfast and dinner, please drink two tablets once a day before breakfast.


Specification: 60 tablets/box


Storage: Sealed and put in dry and coold place.


Valid: 36 months




1. Children, pregnant women, breast-feeding and those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease should not use;


2. But this product is not a drug. Can’t be used in treatment of obesity by disease etc;


3. Please do not used with other dietary supplement. Used in conjunction with the drug talk to doctors, pharmacists.

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