NingHong Slim Capsule

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Product Name: NingHong l-cn Slim Capsule


About NingHong Slim Capsule: l-cn is the most important component of NingHong Slim Capsule, it can promote fatty acids into the mitochondria doing oxidation- resolvation, and it looks like a shovel scoop up fat into fuel burning furnace. If fat do not enter the mitochondria, no matter how you exercise or diet, you can not consume it, just as l-cn to the mitochondria of fat "porter.”


Main Ingredient: l-cn, hawthorn, senna, lotus leaf, cassia seed, vitamin C



Fat prevention: by inhibiting gastrointestinal lipases, preventing intestinal triglyceride hydrolysis and absorption of fat in the diet, let the fat cannot be digested and discharged from the body.

Fat burning: fat burning fully, a variety of active ingredients speed up the metabolism circulation to let large energy cards discharge from the body.

Balanced nutrition: Such as l-cn, vc super nutritional supplements consumption and burning fat supplementary nutrition to balance fat consumption and energy conversion at the same time


Usage: 2 pills each time, 3 times daily.


Package: 0.3g*42 pills/box


Valid: 24 months


Attention: Do not use it if you’re pregnant or feeding baby.

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