Gingko Lotus Tea

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Product name: Gingko Lotus Tea-pure natural slimming herb tea


Brand: Tong Ren Tang


Ingredient: honeysuckle, lotus leaf, hawthorn, Semen Cassiae, almond, green tea.
Leaves of lotus:block the bleeding broaden the vessels and thus reduce the arteric blood pressure. They reduce the fever, refresh and stimulate the energy.
The seeds of cassia: chill a little and are sweetly bitter. These seeds may slow the expansion of serous cholesterol and formation of sclerotic discs. They reduce the amount of lipids in the blood.
Function: Gingko lotus tea is provided by Tong Ren Tang, which is made form pure herbal materials with the function of promote intestinal secretion, ease constipation and remove intestinal stool and all kinds of toxins. Suitablefor people with simple obesity and edema obesity crowd.

Usage: Soak it with 150 ml boiling water, and keep it closed for 3 minutes. 3-4 times daily.
Package: 2g* 16 bags/box


Valid: 24 months

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