Dr Ming Chinese Capsule-100% Natural

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Dr Ming Natural Weight Loss Diet Pills-Most effective fast slimming


Aboout the product: Dr Ming Chinese Capsule 100% 100% pure herbal extract, the most effective fast slimming pills. Enjoy the benefits that the ancient oriental formula of Dr. Ming's Chinese Capsules provides. 100% natural. It's made with exotic herbs which will benefit you like never before. Dr. Ming's Chinese Capsules has been manufactured with the highest quality standards.The herbs for the teahave been carefully harvested by hand and selected to give you the best results. This product doesn't contain any chemicals, artificial flavors or preservatives.


Ingredients:ginger, camellia, malus domestica , propetary blend, cynana scolymus, hoodia,spirulian, chitosan.


Specifications:60 counts 

Usage: take 2 capsules 15 to 30 min before breakfast


Warning: not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, as with any nutritional supplement, people with special medical conditions are encouraged to consult with their physician before use.

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