Bitter Weight-loss Capsule

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Bitter Weight loss Capsule-pure plant slimming pill


About Bitter Weight-loss Capsule: The product is the slimming product recommended by Beauty Association and Body Club, as well as the first one slimming boutique be lined in the national "technical quality control" system.


Ingredients: Bitter essence, fructus cannabis, chrysanthemum, malt, cassia seed, semen astragali complanati, and etc.


Function: Eliminate the oil and fat accumulated inside intestine and remove toxin causing by the stool of the previous night to help weight loss and have healthy skin. Bitter essence can effectively inhibit the regeneration of fat.


Usage: Take two capsules one time a day half an hour before breakfast. Five boxes is a slimming course.


1. Do not take if you’re pregnat or breeding ;
2. Do not take if you have heart disease;


Package: 0.3 g × 12 pills/box


Valid: 2 years 

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