Bitter Abdomen Fat Clearing Pilular

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Bitter Abdomen Fat Clearing Pill-pure plant weight loss capsule


About Bitter Abdomen Fat Clearing Pilular: This products use chinese tradictional formula of fat reducing and choose Taiwan pearl bitter melon to extract a unique natural fat clearing composition, PET, and coupled with L-Carnitine, aloe vera and other natural plant extracts. The experiment has proved that the function of addomen fat reducing beitter 2.5 times than other slimming products.


Ingredients: Pearl bitter, l-cn, aloe, orange peel, dried fruit of orange.


Function: Appropriate to the people who is abdominal obesity, belly prominent, post-natal obesity, nutrition, excess fat, moderate diet led to obesity, tried to fail to various weight loss methods, and worry about weight-loss drugs have side effects people.


Direction: One pill each time half an hour before breakfast and supper, 2 times a day.


Package: 350 mg ×60 capsules


Valid: 24 months


1. Do not take if you’re pregnant;
2. Do not take if you suffer from serious disease;
3.  Avoid children.

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